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Filip Jaskólski in Product, on December 27, 2018

The end of 2018 is almost there. It’s time to take a glance at what’s done and what’s coming in the next year.

The struggle for innovation

LiveChat started as a single-purpose product in 2002. Since then our teams work hard to deliver quality software with great customer support. With every new customer, we’ve opened for more use cases. LiveChat grew to become a mature product with multiple features.

Over the years we’ve gained confidence in the fields of marketing, product management, and customer service. We’ve partnered up with exceptional companies and talked to hundreds of remarkable teams. We stayed inspired by our customers, who question the status quo of the online communication on the daily basis.

Innovation is not easy. Jumping on the next curve requires persistence. It is usually counter-intuitive and simply tiresome. We’ve been dealing with technology debts and limitations. We’ve constantly pushed our products to the limits.

The investment in innovation

Fast forward 16 years and LiveChat is packed with great people, experience and energy. Innovation shouldn’t be a struggle. We are ready to make the innovation easy.

At LiveChat, we’ve been building communication solutions for years. We’ve invested this experience in building simple yet powerful messaging tools and services. We want others to have the chance we did.

LiveChat engineers worked tirelessly to rebuild core LiveChat APIs and services. We’re getting ready to release a set of messaging tools early next year. Some of you already worked with the beta versions in the Early Access Program. Thank you for your input!

Long-awaited messaging APIs enable to build new communication channels, automate all kind of tasks and create advanced reporting mechanisms. With these new tools building on top of LiveChat is going to be much easier. Stay tuned, there is more information coming!

The framework for innovation

We see LiveChat as an important part of the future of online communication. We want to help teams to discover the new forms of online communication.

The vision of LiveChat Developer Platform is to help innovators build the future of communication.

We believe the communication forms are yet to be explored. We want to fuel this discovery. We also believe there is no single company that shapes the future of online communication. It is all of us who do this every day.

We see our platform as a framework for innovation. We deliver tools and resources so innovators can focus on execution. We want to see people collaborate. We want to connect creators, marketers, engineers, business owners and tinkerers.

The future of innovation

We see how software marketplaces dominated the industry. We notice the emerging service marketplaces. In 2019 we’ll see communication services in yet another light.

We want the apps and services to connect seamlessly with each other. We want to blur the line between developers inside and outside our company. We want the innovation to be easy and fast.

We’re on the mission to provide the messaging industry with tools and resources to allow rapid growth of messaging solutions. We’re excited about the future. We don’t know what it holds, but we will help to build it.

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Vision of Developer Platform

The end of 2018 is almost there.

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