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About Octopus

With LiveChat constantly sprouting new products, project and ideas we felt it’s time to group everything we have in one place. We wanted to describe the LiveChat internal systems and to illustrate the dependencies, but we couldn’t find a user-friendly software with editable diagrams that also non-technical people could use.

This is how Octopus came into life.

Octopus is a tool for creating server-less wiki pages. It supports Graphviz diagrams and uses Markdown for writing content.

Octopus Main Page The main wiki page

Use cases

The tool can be used to build software documentation or internal wikis. With the option to create elaborate diagrams it’s a great tool to present complex systems and applications.

A diagram created in Octopus

We just wanted to reach out to you guys, saying that **we just LOVE this project**. By a huge coincidence, a day before this release we decided to put a wiki in our organization. I struggled finding the right choice, and **this was just the best out there**.

Much appreciation.



  • Create new wiki pages with Markdown
  • Edit the menu (with Markdown) to create navigation for your wiki
  • Add Graphviz diagrams to your Markdown content
  • Customize your wiki’s front-end with React (create-react-app)
  • Host your wiki under a custom domain


  • See who is currently reading your wiki articles
  • Require the users to sign in to read or edit the wiki (supported providers: Google, GitHub, Email/Password, Twitter and Phone)
  • Create access rules for reading and editing (restrict particular users or auth domains)


The editor

“Who’s online” screen


Octopus is a JAMstack app powered by Google Firebase. There is no web server (e.g. Apache) nor a database (e.g. MySQL) necessary. The app can be deployed to a CDN for free with Netlify.