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Building LiveChat apps
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Building LiveChat apps


Apps are primary elements of LiveChat Platform.

Customize the interface of LiveChat, implement your own chat widget, or automate a variety of tasks. Create minor tweaks for your team, build integrations with other platforms, or create new products in the LiveChat ecosystem.

App capabilities

LiveChat Platform provides multiple tools for developers, so that your app can do the following and other things:

  • Integrate with other products and services
  • Extend LiveChat user interfaces
  • Automate tasks with webhooks
  • Read and write LiveChat data
  • Implement a custom Chat Widget
  • Let users sign in to your service with Sign in with LiveChat
  • Send & receive rich messages with Chat APIs

Are you building an app for everyone? We provide simple monetization and distribution tools.

Creating LiveChat apps

To create LiveChat Apps you need an account in Developer Console. It's a panel dedicated to managing and distributing your apps.

  1. Sign in to Developer Console.
  2. Go to the Apps section.
  3. Create a new app!

See a 3-minute tutorial on creating a simple app with Firebase.

Building apps webinar

To learn more about building apps for LiveChat, see our webinar where we go through the process step by step.


Common questions

What's an app in LiveChat?

An app is anything that LiveChat Platform is able to interpret. It could be an integration with a 3rd party service, a custom plugin to display additional visitor details or a chat widget theme. We constantly work to introduce new types of apps and ways of integrating with LiveChat.

  • From developer perspective:
    Technically speaking, every app a set of attributes (you can think of it as a JSON file). These attributes define the type and meta details of the app. Every app can also have a OAuth 2.1 Client associated. Every app instance (installation) is associated with dedicated authorization entities.

  • From business perspective:
    The primary goal of an app is to abstract some functionality in an installable package, which can be published and distributed at the Apps Marketplace. App can also remain private and available only for the license it was created on.

Who can create and manage apps?

Currently, only owner and administrators can create and manage apps. If you have an agent account willing to create and manage apps, please contact your license administrator or owner.

Do I have to publish the app to use it?

No, It's perfectly fine to create only private apps. If your team needs a certain functionality, you don't have to publish the app for the team to use it.