Developer Program Offer

Build next-level communication tools with us. LiveChat Developer Program offers support in three areas: research, development, and distribution.

For Freelancers

For Integrators

For Innovation Partners


Comission from sold apps or servicesPlace a beautiful, highly functional chat widget on your website.

20% or N/A

Research Toolkit

Introductory callA 20 minutes introductory call with our Developer Relations representative to discuss your ideas and needs.

Customer Community accessAccess to LiveChat community of customers, partners and developers.

Feature requests insightsInsights and recommendations from our Developer Relations representative about what features are currently needed by our customers.

App ideas accessAccess to a list of app ideas, waiting for you to be created.

On-demand researchA dedicated research aiming to collect both quantitative and qualitative feedback about area you plan to innovate in.

Beta program launchWe spin a guided beta launch of your app or service, so you can gather feedback and polish the details before the launch.

On-demand researchA 20 minutes introductory call with our Developer Relations representative to discuss your ideas and needs.

Development Toolkit

Developer Console AccountYour own, private Developer Console account to manage and distribute all of your apps.

Full Documentation AccessAccess to entire documentation including developer preview releases.

Messaging APIsAcess to the messaging protocol, programmable chat, omnichannel and chat APIs.

Configuration APIsAccess to settings, automation and configuration APIs.

SDKs & Sample AppsAccess to multiple SDKs and sample apps for easy start and development convenience.

Technical support & advisoryWe're here to help you on the way. We have 24/7/365 support team and a dedicated technical support team to get you up and running.

Software architect consultancyIf you're building a more complicated service, you can count on advice from our engineering teams.

Distribution Toolkit

Assisted launch in MarketplaceWe'll plan your launch together to make sure it's a success.

Monetization toolsPaid apps setting with payment processing on LiveChat side and plug & play monetization API for in-app purchases.

Marketplace campaignsMultiple ways to promote your app across the entire Marketplace: home page display, staff picks and contextual promotion.

one time

Email campaignsDedicated spot for your app in our newsletters and email campaigns.

one time
one time

Sales activitiesCooperation with our Sales Team in distibuting your app.

Targeted campaignsWay to precisely reach the right target of customers with the information they need.

Support & assistance

Async technical supportTicket-based communication with our Developer Relations representative.

Async business advisoryTicket-based communication with Developer Program Team.

Functional testsWe'll review the functionality of your app.

Design & UX ReviewWe'll review the design and user experience of your app.

App customer serviceL1 support for your app served by our Support Heroes Team.

Private Slack channelDedicated private channel with our Developer Relations representatives for you to discuss the partnership matters.

+30,000 companies

Distribute your services to over 30k companies worldwide.

+300,000 hits every minute

Our chat widget is displayed 300k times every minute.

+18 years on the market

Our core product has been in use for over 18 years.

+200 partners, +180 apps

We’re a friendly company that believes in teamwork. Well, hi!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I withdraw my money?

We want your earnings to be safe, so we use PayPal and wire transfers. Keep in mind that transfer fees may apply.

Are there any additional costs?

No, there are no additional costs of running your business in Developer Program at LiveChat.

Can I offer in-app payments?

Yes, we have a dedicated API for in-app purchases. You can easily create both one-time and recurrent payments.

What’s the best price for my app?

There is no secret formula, however we’re happy to talk you through our experience. Hit us up and we'll figure it out together!

What’s the potential market?

There are 30k companies which use LiveChat and tens of thousands of users who browse the Marketplace every week.

What is your refund policy?

We aim to provide fair service to all our customers. We’d like you to follow this principle for users of your app.

The reach of Platform is what
made it click for our app.

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