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LiveChat is a continuosly growing software with changes introduced daily. See what's new in LiveChat products and find out about most recent product updates.

Break into the startup business communication scene globally with LiveChat Incubator

Oliwia Połeć in Developer Program, on 06 June, 2022

Are you dreaming of a rapidly growing business, yet you don’t have the resources to fully devote your time to the idea? Do you care deeply about long-term and secure relationships with your partners? Or maybe you run a promising startup, but lack the….

LiveChat Today and Before

Aleksandra Kacperczyk in Developer Program, on 29 October, 2019

Those of you who’ve been using LiveChat long enough know it’s been evolving.

Why you should keep your WordPress website up to date

Alicja Pawliczak in Developer Program, on 05 September, 2019

If you frequently log in to your WordPress admin panel, you probably have seen those “annoying” notifications about available updates.

Changes Are Never Easy. How We Dealt with the Redesign of the LiveChat App.

Patrycja Urban in Developer Program, on 05 August, 2019

Redesign is sexy.

Handle support cases quickly with new Tickets view

Alicja Pawliczak in Developer Program, on 27 March, 2019

We’re continually working on redesigning our app.

New Building Block: App Widgets in the Details

Maciej Serafinowicz in Developer Program, on 27 March, 2019

Imagine that all you need during a chat is always at your arm’s length… Wouldn’t the chatting routine be more efficient and convenient? This is what we believe in - making the chatting experience as smooth as possible.

New Building Block: Chat Actions

Filip Jaskólski in Developer Program, on 26 February, 2019

Time is priceless when chatting with customers.

Integrate LiveChat with the SSO provider of your choice!

Krzysztof Kraus in Developer Program, on 30 January, 2019

LiveChat Academy Welcome to another part of LiveChat Workshop: the series dedicated to showing you how to get more out of your LiveChat! This time we’ll tackle the topic of security, by showing you how to configure your custom SAML implementation and….

Archives section powered up with new filtering options

Jacob Firuta in Developer Program, on 17 January, 2019

We’re finally ready to show the next part of new LiveChat design: the Archives.

Vision of Developer Platform

Filip Jaskólski in Developer Program, on 27 December, 2018

The end of 2018 is almost there.