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New Agents Section Will Help You Better Manage Your Team

Jacob Firuta in Business, on March 26, 2018

New Agents section in LiveChat

Today we’ll be showcasing the new Agents section and the ways it will make your job easier.

A quick reminder that the new Chats section is now live:

  • It comes with a new chat list that shows ongoing, queued and supervised chats in one place – it’s vertical, which allows you to see a ton of chats at the same time,
  • The chat feed got a more modern look, which should feel pretty familiar,
  • Finally, we cleaned up the customer details section a bit and added a new customer location map.

Make sure to check it out!

Now that’s out of the way, let’s check out the new Agents section!

Improvements in the Agents section

The main goal when designing the new Agents section was making it easier to use for team leaders and managers. Here’s how we want to accomplish that.

New Agents section in LiveChat

First of all, you will now be able to sort agents on the list by: name, role (Agent, Admin, Owner and Bot) device (mobile or desktop) and agent status (whether they are logged in or not).

What’s more, the design is now responsive. This means that it will look good on all devices. An on-the-floor team leader will be able to use it on their tablet just as well as a manager on a desktop computer.

Another upgrade to the list is the availability of agent emails. They are now listed next to the names of the agents. This makes finding a specific agent much easier.

Tidied up Agent details

The Agents details section has been rearranged. First and foremost, you can now clearly see all the groups a particular agent is a part of. Groups are now icon-coded. You no longer have to recognise them by name only. This will make spotting members of a particular group much easier when scanning the details.

Apart from that, the section is now cleaner and offers all the agent-related information, including their performance statistics, in a more organized way.

More ways to manage teams

The groups section itself also received a considerable update. Apart from the already mentioned group icons and filtering options, you now also get the opportunity to set different chat priority for agents within a group.

New Groups section in LiveChat

For example, you can decide to set your core team as primary agents. This means that they will receive chats first. At the same time, you can designate secondary agents: those who either fill in if there are too many chats or those who are still learning and can’t take on too many chats at the same time.

Agents section coming soon

Overall, the Agents section changes will help you better manage and scale your support team. You can expect this release next week.

As always, we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on these changes. Feel free to comment under this post and send us an email at You can also start a chat with our support team.

If you don’t want to use this design for now, you can also go back back to the old look using the design switch available in your profile menu. However, give the new look a try because it’s a lot more useful!

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