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LiveChat is Getting a New Chats Section

Jacob Firuta in Business, on March 09, 2018

New Chats section after LiveChat redesign

Today, I want to show you the next design change we’re planning: the chats section. However, before we dig into that, a quick reminder that the new menu is already available in LiveChat!

The main difference between the new and the old menu is its position. It’s located on the left, opening up more space for menu items as well as a new way to display chats, which you will be able to see in today’s post.

Make sure to let us know what you think about the menu change via email and, as always, by chatting with us!

Let’s welcome the new chat section

Without postponing it any longer, here’s how the new chats section will look:

New chats section after LiveChat redesign

This may seem like a ton of changes but all your favorite tools and features are there. Now, in a better-looking, more organized way.

Let’s go through all the major sections one by one to show you how the redesign will affect your work.

Vertical chat list

First off, a new chats list has replaced the old chat circles.

The biggest difference here is the ability to handle and move between more than six chats. You can fit more conversations on that list since it grows downwards instead of sideways.

What’s more, the list will store not only your ongoing chats but also all your queued chats and conversations you supervise. This allows you to see all the chats assigned to you as well as coach other agents while still being able to handle chats yourself.

We’ve updated the shortcuts as well so you can have an easier time moving between the listed chats. For example, alt + arrow keys will allow you to go up and down the list.

Updated chatting section

Secondly, the chatting section itself looks more modern now. We wanted to make better use of the space available and make it more in line with other popular chatting tools.

The familiar conversation look comes with all the tools you know from the old design: message sneak peek, canned responses, tags and more. Additionally, agent messages are now noticeably different from customer messages, which makes it easier to understand what’s going on in the conversation.

Clear customer details

Finally, the customer details section that provides useful information about your customers.

The biggest noticeable difference is the new, more useful map. We decided to put it front and center instead of hiding it within each chat circle.

Overall, the customer details section have been cleaned up. You will now have an easier time when trying to find specific information about a customer on the list.

The new chats section coming soon

You will soon get a chance to use the new chats section yourself. It should be available in your LiveChat within the next couple of weeks. We’ll let you know via email and in-app messages as soon as it’s available.

As an addition to the new chats section, we’ll also include the design switch I mentioned in the previous post. The switch will allow you to go between the new and the old designs, which will make the transition a bit easier.

As always, feel free to comment on the post and give us your feedback about the design. You can also email us at or simply start a chat with us!

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