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Live Coding Session: Breaking down the details of LiveChat Properties

Oliwia Połeć in Live coding, on June 23, 2022

Mark July 6th in your calendars, as we’re running another live coding session! Join us to understand the details of LiveChat properties, learn how to effectively use building blocks, and see a live coding example from one of the most popular Marketplace apps — Quick Notes.

🧩 Use building blocks effectively

Having the possibility of a simple setup makes building apps a true pleasure. With building blocks’ intuitive user interfaces, you can configure all API core functions in just a few clicks. During our live coding session, we’ll teach you how to easily add the property building block while building a simple application in the Console.

💡 Learn about properties

Understand the smallest details of LiveChat properties - a powerful resource for storing pieces of data about the LiveChat licenses. The ease of configuration makes them the perfect tool to use instead of a separate and complex backend setup for your app.

👨‍💻 Behind the scenes of Quick Notes

Take on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to see and analyze code from an application already published on the LiveChat Marketplace - Quick Notes. This app bases its core functionality around properties, so you’ll get first-hand insight into the successful app’s code.

Sound interesting? Be sure to save your seat for the session and see you on July 6th!

💡 Learn more about the LiveChat properties >>

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