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Developer Case Study: How Super Vision vastly improved the quality of customer service at Notesco

.BespokeChat in Developer Program, on 29 November, 2021

The Super Vision app makes it possible to monitor up to eight ongoing chats on one screen at the same time so you can see how your agents respond to customers’ questions.

Write the Docs Prague 2021

Oliwia Połeć, Wojciech Gumiński in Developer Program, on 24 November, 2021

This year’s Write the Docs conference attracted even more people from the LiveChat content team.

Properties: what they are and how to configure them with LiveChat API v3.3+

Aleksandra Kacperczyk in Developer Program, on 10 November, 2021

Properties are key-value pairs designed to store data about licenses, chats, threads, and other resources in the LiveChat ecosystem.

[API changes] Webhook migration tool available in Developer Console

Oliwia Połeć in Developer Program, on 30 September, 2021

Recently, we’ve introduced important changes to the LiveChat chat webhooks.

Automated Accessibility Testing

Kacper Klarzyński in Developer Program, on 21 September, 2021

As described in our recent series of blog posts, our team has been working on improving the accessibility of the Chat Widget.

Live coding: Step up your design game with the LiveChat Design System

Oliwia Połeć in Developer Program, on 13 September, 2021

The live coding session draws near and our final preparations are being readied.

Live coding with the Developer Program: Design System in use

Oliwia Połeć in Developer Program, on 07 September, 2021

Designing your application’s UI is definitely a task you should put some thought and effort into.

Make the most of the LiveChat Marketplace: a comprehesive guide to apps

Oliwia Połeć in Developer Program, on 11 August, 2021

We know how hard it can be to find tools that make your daily work easier.

How we improved the LiveChat Chat Widget Performance

Aleksandra Kacperczyk in Developer Program, on 20 July, 2021

Introduction Chat Widget performance optimization follows our recent changes in the area of accessibility.

[Get to know us] Our take on how to become a software tester

Oliwia Połeć in Developer Program, on 13 July, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to become a software tester? Sometimes, your best career choice can arise unexpectedly.