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Releasing LiveChat Messaging and Configuration APIs v3.2

Aleksandra Kacperczyk in Developer Program, on 2020-06-25T08:19:14.000Z

We’ve just released version 3.

A Tech Writer's Perspective on Confab 2020

Aleksandra Kacperczyk in Developer Program, on 2020-06-01T12:01:00.000Z

Since 2011, Confab has organized The Content Strategy Conference dedicated to writers, marketers, UX designers, content strategists, and many other professionals.

Customer Insight: a Game Changer for All Shopify Users

Aleksandra Kacperczyk in Developer Program, on 2020-05-18T12:00:00.000Z

TL;DR; Customer Insight was created for all ecommerce business owners, who aim to provide excellent live chat customer support on their Shopify websites.

Gatsby Case Study: the LiveChat Marketplace

Jakub Sikora in Developer Program, on 2020-04-28T12:58:00.000Z

In February, I had a pleasure to talk about migrating the LiveChat Marketplace to Gatsby at #3 JAMstack Wrocław: The One on Fat Thursday.

Adding a New Channel to LiveChat: Apple Business Chat

Łukasz Wojciechowski in Developer Program, on 2020-04-16T12:00:00.000Z

The constantly growing variety of communication channels demands two primary things: filtering out key channels for your business and adopting them.

Behind the scenes of the Building LiveChat Apps webinar

Aleksandra Kacperczyk in Developer Program, on 2020-03-25T11:12:02.000Z

As developers, we believe in sharing knowledge and experience.

LiveChat Today and Before

Aleksandra Kacperczyk in Developer Program, on 2019-10-29T11:43:22.000Z

Those of you who’ve been using LiveChat long enough know it’s been evolving.

Why you should keep your WordPress website up to date

Alicja Pawliczak in Developer Program, on 2019-09-05T10:00:00.000Z

If you frequently log in to your WordPress admin panel, you probably have seen those “annoying” notifications about available updates.

Changes Are Never Easy. How We Dealt with the Redesign of the LiveChat App.

Patrycja Urban in Developer Program, on 2019-08-05T11:40:14.000Z

Redesign is sexy.

Saying Goodbye to Backbone and Refreshing the Reports Section

Aleksandra Kacperczyk in Developer Program, on 2019-06-27T13:13:02.000Z

It’s been hectic in here.