Virtual Hackathon
by LiveChat Platform


textless is not speechless

You are invited to take part in an virtual hackathon that aims to disrupt the way we think about text messaging. We give you tools, creative space and a reason.
Do you accept the challenge?

This edition has come to an end.
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1st place


for each teammate

2nd place


for each teammate

3rd place


for each teammate

Event rules

  1. Teams are made of 1–5 of participants. Every team can make only one submission and participants can join only one team.
  2. The theme of the event is "textless communication". Think visuals, audio or emotions. Participants are welcomed to interpret it in their own way though!
  3. Participants are encouraged to meet, colaborate and exchange opinions with each other and with organizers in the private Slack community till the very end of the submission period.
  4. Participants and organizers are all there to have fun and spend quality time. The final outcome is as important as the entire way to get there!


  1. All participants register via Register now form to get access to the private Slack community.
  2. Submission packages should be posted till the end of 10/25 via Developer Console. They should include:
    • 4-minute explanatory video presenting the concept, hosted on YouTube or Vimeo,
    • full description of the app, concept and the team behind it.
  3. Judges will consider the following critera:
    • Impact and quality of the concept (30%)
    • Quality of the explanatory video (30%)
    • Relevance to the main theme (30%)
    • Implementation of LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk or KnowledgeBase or their APIs (10%)

About the host

Behind LiveChat, Inc. there is a team of passionate people building online customer service software with online chat, help desk software, chatbot and web analytics capabilities.

With a suite of four products (LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, KnowledgeBase) and their powerful APIs, we power customer communication for 30,000 companies in 150 countries.

LiveChat Platform is a range of products and services that can be used to build a variety of communication tools for businesses. Our Developer Program and Marketplace creates an open ecosystem for developers, partners and customers.

What can I build?

Anything! But more specifically, you can use our messaging tools to host audio, visual or other types of communication.

You can leverage the LiveChat open messaging protocol to:

  • exchange voice, images, and videos,
  • build conversational apps & games,
  • pass data between IoT devices,
  • program assistants and bots,
  • create n-dimensional portals and other wild projects!

If you feel you need some inspiration, let's meet and chat about it! Register now to join the private community. We'd be super happy to help you to shape up your idea!

Before you go...

You don't have to be an engineer
You can use no-code tools or find a teammate within our community. There are no limits, everyone's invited!
You can always count on us
Our skilled support teams are ready to get you up and running. We'll also share tips and suggestions along the way!
There are no bad ideas
This event stands for innovation. Judges are ready to see all the ideas. Don't hold back your imagination!

This edition has come to an end.
See you soon!

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