Live coding session
with Developer Program
September 16, 2021

LiveChat Design System in use

Let's meet at another live coding session organized by the LiveChat Developer Program. This time, we'll dive into the LiveChat Design System components, explaining how to build an app aligned with the LiveChat look and feel in just a few moments.

Build your coding skills,
become part of the LiveChat developer community,
and win prizes.

When: September 16, 2021 at 5 p.m. CEST
Where: YouTube
Host: Dominik Sławkowski, Frontend Developer

Win the prize


to start in Developer Program

Solve a programming task and win a gift card

After our session, the participants will receive a coding task. There's a lovely round figure up for grabs: $300 added to your Developer Account in our Developer Program. Be the first one to submit the correct solution and win the prize!

Event rules

  1. The session will be live streamed on YouTube.
  2. Participants are eligible to win a gift card with the value of $300. The funds will be transferred to the winner's account in Developer Console.
  3. To withdraw the funds, the winner needs to have published a paid app on the LiveChat Marketplace.
  4. How to win the prize?
    • Create an account in Developer Console.
    • Take part in the live coding session.
    • Solve the task given during the session.
    • Submit a pull request with the solution.

    The first person to submit the correct solution will win the prize. Developer Terms apply.

What you'll learn

  1. How to use the LiveChat Design System when building integrations for the LiveChat Marketplace.
  2. What good UX patterns you should focus on when building web applications.
  3. How to avoid design anti-patterns that could potentially decrease the clarity of your app UI.
  4. How to create a Settings page for your app in Developer Console.

  5. With this knowledge, you'll be able to shorten the app development and effortlessly implement your desired application design using the LiveChat Design System components.

About the host

Dominik Sławkowski

Frontend Developer,
Developer Program

Dominik Sławkowski is a frontend developer in the LiveChat Developer Program team. He's a member of the CodersCrew society, and proves to be passionate about programming with each line of code he delivers.

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Before you go...

Part 1: Building apps 101
See part 1 if you're just starting out with LiveChat apps or need to dust off your knowledge.
Part 2: Authorizing web apps
Watch part 2 to get a good understanding of web app authorization in LiveChat.
Part 3: Authorizing server-side apps
Check part 3 to learn the details of the LiveChat server-side app authorization.

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Live coding session by the LiveChat Platform

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