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Based on the billing plan, the LiveChat Platform limits the number of resources that can be created.

Resource Limits

Limited resourceStarterTeamBusinessEnterprise
Chat archives history2m1y2yunlimited
Chat queue1050100100
Chat queue (continuous chats)150150150150
Groups assigned to an agent1102040
Groups in group chooser1252525
Number of banned visitors50200400400
Tracked visitors400400400400

To find out more about resource limits and the possibilities to change them, contact our support.

There is a new type of error, limit_reached. Our APIs will return it when you try to create a resource over the limit. You may get this error when working with the following methods:

Agent Chat API

Configuration API


  • Note: This method can change what groups an agent is assigned to.



When downgrading a plan, resource usage is validated against the new plan's limits, which might result in an error. The returned error message will list all the resources you need to decrease in order to downgrade successfully.