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This document is the record of all the changes in the Configuration API starting from version 3.0. What you won't find here is the list of changes between versions 2.0 and 3.0 of the Configuration API.

Switching from v2.0 to v3.0 was more than an upgrade - it was rather a migration. That's why some parts of the configuration, such as managing canned responses or greetings, can be done only via the Configuration API v2.0, while other, like managing webhooks or properties, via the Configuration API v3.1.

Since the migration is still ongoing, different parts will be successively moved from the Configuration API v2.0 to v3.x.

[v3.2] - Developer Preview



  • The Create Bot method no longer accepts the status parameter. The initial value is now __offline__.
  • The Update Bot method no longer accepts the status parameter. To change the Bot's status, use Set Routing Status from the Agent Chat API.
  • You can now update other Bot within the same license. To do that, call the Update Bot method with the agents-bot--all:rw scope.
  • The Chat access webhooks, access_set, access_revoked, and access_granted were renamed to chat_access_set, chat_access_revoked, and chat_access_granted, respectively. These webhooks no longer include the resource parameter.
  • Many methods and webhooks have been renamed:
    • method: Get Property Configs -> List Registered Properties
    • method: Create Properties -> Register Properties
    • method: Get Webhooks Config -> List Registered Webhooks
    • method: Get Bot Agent Details -> Get Bot
    • method: Get Bot Agents -> List Bots
    • method: Update Bot Agent -> Update Bot
    • method: Create Bot Agent -> Create Bot
    • method: Remove Bot Agent -> Delete Bot
    • webhook: Chat Thread Properties Updated -> Thread Properties Updated
    • webhook: Chat Thread Properties Deleted -> Thread Properties Deleted
    • webhook: Thread Closed -> Chat Deactivated
    • webhook: Incoming Chat Thread -> Incoming Chat
    • webhook: Chat Thread Tagged -> Thread Tagged
    • webhook: Chat Thread Untagged -> Thread Untagged


  • The agent_status_changed webhook was removed.

[v3.1] - 2019-09-17


  • The data field in webhooks was renamed to payload.