Chat Widget Moments


Moments allow you to show any web application during a chat and let customers perform specific actions.

Is it for me?

Think about Moments as a solution for difficult tasks to handle during a conversation. When a specific task is hard to perform using text messages or it requires a lot of effort from your customer to provide requested data, Moments can make your process much more accessible. The feature allows you to solve a problem without the need to leave a chat. From a technical point of view, it's a web page embedded in an iframe shown during a chat.

How it works?

  1. The customer receives a rich message with the webview button
  2. The customer clicks button
  3. Moments show, web applications loads
  4. Customer performs activities in the web application
  5. The moment is closed either by:
    • Web application (method call)
    • User (close button)

Sample use cases

Schedule meeting - give the customer an option to choose the available term. Send a message with “choose term” button, open web application with data picker component, then send back chosen term to chat conversation as customer’s message.

Payment system - send customer “Pay” button, open web application with payment provider billing form, send payment id to chat after successful fulfillment.

Seat picker - let the customer choose a seat in stadium or restaurant. Prepare custom component with seat’s placement visualization, send back preferred option to the agent.

Articles view - send case-related materials from your knowledge base. Let customer quickly read them without the need of opening a new tab.

Moments let you embed almost every web application in chat widget, but it shouldn’t be treated as a place to surf the web. Moments should allow a customer to focus on a particular task, complete it in a straightforward way and back to the chat. You shouldn’t redirect the customer to the complex web application with multiple views, complicated forms or web.


Calendly integration

Calendly - integration available to install in LiveChat Marketplace, allowing customers to schedule meetings directly from the Chat widget. It consists of two parts:

  • Agent App Widget application, attached to the Message box, allowing an agent to send a Rich message with an invitation
  • Calendly Moment app, integrating Calendly JavaScript API with Moments SDK, allowing prefilling customer name and email and sending booking confirmation to a chat.

Date picker

Data picker - app written in Vue, allows a customer to pick any date from datepicker. It sends a chosen option back to a chat.

Source code is available on github, preview is deployed here.

Network tester

Network tester - app written in React, performing a test of the connection status of client connection with specific servers.

Moments in LiveChat

Moments can be triggered only by rich message's buttons. Currently, LiveChat supports rich messages delivered by chatbots using our ChatBot product, a MessageBox integration in Agent App, or by sending a rich message using our Agent Chat API.

Moments SDK

Moments SDK is the library to integrate web application used as Moments with Chat Widget. It's not necessary to use Moments SDK inside Moments web applications, but it provides more chat widget integration options - it allows you to send messages as a visitor, set visitor attributes or close Moment.



Default method exported by the library. It's initializing connection with chat widget. You can pass additional properties:

titlestringApplication title; will be placed on the Moment's title bar.
iconstringURL to the application icon; will be placed on the Moment's title bar.
isFragilebooleanWhen set to true, the LiveChat Chat Widget will require additional confirmation from the user in order to close the Moment.

Using npm

To simply get started with creating your Moments App add @livechat/moments-sdk as dependency to your project:

npm install @livechat/moments-sdk

and then import createMomentsSDK function which is exported as default from package.

import createMomentsSDK from "@livechat/moments-sdk";
createMomentsSDK({ title: "My App" }).then((momentsSDK) => {
  // your code

Using script tag

To simply get started with creating your Moments App add to your page, at the bottom of body section, script tag with src atribute set to our moments-sdk.

<script src=""></script>

In your code before moments-sdk is loaded assign to window function called onMomentAsyncInit. It is used as a hook to let you know when sdk is loaded. You will get createMomentsSDK function as an argument of that call. Using UMD build you should reference to window.MomentsSDK instead of momentsSDK to access methods.

window.onMomentAsyncInit = function(createMomentsSDK) {
  createMomentsSDK({ title: "My App" }).then(() => {
    // your code


Sends a message as a visitor in currently active chat. Parameters:

  • text - Message text
momentsSDK.sendMessage({ text: "Chosen date: 19.12.2009" });


Sends a system message in the currently active chat. Parameteres:

  • text - Message text
  • recipients - Optional, defines those who can display the message: all (default) or agents
  text: "Survey submitted",
  recipients: "agents",


Set customer's properties. Parameters:

  • customProperties - Customer's additional data object
momentsSDK.setAttributes({ clientId: "SJ3CJ6JVNMK42A", source: "Organic" });


Sets the external link for the fullscreen version of the app, which will be opened in the new tab. Parameters:

  • link - URL of the fullscreen version


Close Moment app.

This method has no parameters.



Set isFragile value. It can be provided as part of initialization data and changed later with this function. Parameters:

  • value - Boolean


Data passed from the Chat Widget. It is available right after the SDK initialization. It consists of:

  • licenseId - ID of the license for which a Moment has been initialized
  • chatId - ID of a customer's chat (returns undefined if there's no chat)

How to start

You should start by preparing your first Moment app. You can use one of our examples or use our bootstrap project build on Glitch platform - it’s ready to publish, integrated with Moments SDK and easy to fork and adjust to own needs.

If you want to use simple static page in moment instead of web app you can use moment-title parameter in URL to specify the title that should be displayed for your Moment.


To try Moments out, head to the ChatBot website to sign up for a 14-day free trial. If you already have an account go to our article on how to integrate ChatBot with Livechat. Configure story, add bot response “Card”, add the button with “webview” widget and fill in your application URL. Test your story in LiveChat chat widget.

Alternatively you can setup the MessageBox integration in Agent App and use your Moment app there.



[v1.1.0] - 2019-12-17

  • New methods: setExternalLink and sendSystemMessage

[v0.0.1] - 2019-02-20

  • First public Release.


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