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This document is the record of all the changes in the Reports API starting from version 3.2.

[v3.4] - Developer preview


  • The HTTP POST method becomes the primary and recommended way of sending requests. HTTP GET is still supported, however, it might fail for more complex requests due to the limitations of the query string length.
  • The request format changed: filters are now nested within the filters field.
  • To provide more consistent experience across all Platform APIs, filters are now aligned with those used in List Archives (the Agent Chat API).
    • The following fields were renamed in all reports:
      • from -> filters.from
      • to ->
      • groups -> filters.groups.values
      • agents -> filters.agents.values
      • agent_assigned -> filters.agents.exists
      • names -> filters.tags.values
      • names:with -> filters.tags.exists
      • names:without -> filters.tags.exists
      • tags -> filters.tags.values
      • tagged -> filters.tags.exists
      • customer_client_ids ->
    • There are new filters in all reports:
      • filters.agents.exclude_values
      • filters.agents.exists
      • filters.tags.exclude_values
      • filters.sales.values
      • filters.sales.exclude_values
      • filters.sales.exists
      • filters.goals.values
      • filters.goals.exclude_values
      • filters.goals.exists
      • filters.surveys.type
      • filters.surveys.answer_id

[v3.3] - 2021-03-30


  • There's a new request property, timezone (e.g. America/Phoenix), for the Agents Chatting Duration and Tags reports.
  • There's a new method, Total Chats, which shows how many chats occurred during the specified period.

[v3.2] - 2021-01-07


  • There's a new method, Agents Chatting Duration, which shows the average chatting duration for agents.
  • There's a new method, Tags, which shows the distribution of tags for chats.