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About LiveChat Platform

LiveChat is an online customer service software with live support, help desk, and web analytics capabilities. It's used by more than 35,000 companies in over 150 countries. LiveChat Platform is an ecosystem for developers that grew around LiveChat products over the years.

From the technical perspective the core of LiveChat Platform is the open messaging protocol. The Messaging APIs let you integrate any communication channels directly into LiveChat. From the business point of view, we're a team dedicated to build a vivid LiveChat Marketplace of apps and services.

We've just scratched the surface. There is much more for you to discover! Go ahead and see the full Platform Overview, or dive deep into Platform Toolkits.

See Platform Overview

Platform Toolkits

Livechat platform messaging


Using our APIs is much easier if you know the basics. Read more about key concepts - chat, thread, routing. Find out use cases for each API.

Livechat platform extend interfaces

Extending Agent App

With the tools provided by the LiveChat Platform, you can easily extend the Agent App interface. Build apps to add new panels, widgets, and other UI elements.

Livechat platform data reporting

Data & Reporting

The LiveChat Platform allows you to extract data from Reports. Based on that, you can create custom reports and perform in-depth analyses.


The LiveChat Platform provides you with a set of monetization tools. Learn about all of them and start monetizing your apps!


Management APIs are services for storing configuration of LiveChat system. You can set up here different types of features such as properties or webhooks.

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