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Developers Terms

July 16, 2018

This LiveChat for Developers Terms constitutes an Addendum to the LiveChat. Inc, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (later referred to as Agreement). By accepting these Developers Terms, you confirm you have read, understood and accepted its contents.


All definitions used in this Developers Terms shall comply with meaning set forth by the Agreement. All other terms shall have the meanings set forth below.

  • “API” means Application Programming Interface and any additional source code, related documentation, related applications and any other materials or documents provided by LiveChat. Inc.
  • “Application” means a web or other software infrastructure created by Client that interacts with LiveChat’s API and by the authorization of LiveChat, Inc. is published pursuant to this Addendum.
  • “Developer” means a Client who has an account (licence) with LiveChat, Inc. and creates Application through Developer Console.
  • “Developers Program” means LiveChat’s Program for Developers allowing external application development conducted by Client of LiveChat. Inc.
  • “Publish” means to make available for other users of LiveChat, Inc. through the public availability of the Application.
  • “Apps Marketplace” means publicly available marketplace enabling to access, install and buy applications.
  • “Access Token” means a unique parameter used to authenticate and authorize API calls performed on behalf of the .
  • “Subscriber” means a Client who uses LiveChat, Inc. Service and downloads an Application from the LiveChat, Inc.’s Marketplace.
  • “Service Data” means data provided by LiveChat, Inc. to Developer to enable Application development and maintenance.

General Statements

  1. Accepting these Developers Terms is a condition to participate in Developers Program provided by LiveChat. Inc.
  2. This Addendum governs Developer’s rights to use and access the API for the purpose of developing, implementing and Publishing Applications related to LiveChat, Inc.
  3. Client’s access and uses LiveChat’s API only for the internal, non-public use until the moment when application’s access to data and functioning is approved by LiveChat. Inc.
  4. LiveChat, Inc. reserves its right to modify the provisions of these Developers Terms and only those currently visible on our website are up to date and valid at the time. All changes in this Addendum shall comply with changes implemented in the main Agreement.

Developers Program Description and Purpose

  1. Developers Program allows Clients to develop software by using access to LiveChat. Inc, API and all provided documentation and materials. By the scope of this Addendum, LiveChat. Inc, allows a Client to:

    • use and make calls to the API to develop, implement and distribute Applications solely for use by Subscribers of LiveChat. Inc;
    • use, reproduce, distribute, and transmit Service Data to the extent necessary and required to format and display it through the Application. Such transfer shall be in line with applicable Data Protection Laws;
    • use and display the marks brand assets only to identify that the Service Data originates from LiveChat, Inc. product;
    • market and sell Paid Applications through the Apps Marketplace in accordance with the Agreement.
  2. LiveChat. Inc, reserves its right to accept or reject applications produced by Developers. Such choice shall be made upon LiveChat. Inc, an assessment about usability and technical adequacy of such application. Furthermore, during assessment procedure, LiveChat. Inc, shall take into account if such application is fit for the purpose and if it does not cause danger for both system and data included in the system.

Intellectual Property Rights

Nothing in this Addendum transfers any intellectual property rights or ownership to LiveChat, Inc – Developer shall remain as the owner of all rights concerning created Application. Furthermore, nothing in this Addendum shall transfer LiveChat. Inc, Intellectual Property Rights in the Services, the API, the Marks, or other technology to the Client or any third party.

Responsibilities and Conditions

  1. To participate in Developers Program, Client is obliged to have a licence related to LiveChat, Inc. product.
  2. A Developer is obliged to comply with requirements and standards set forth in Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of LiveChat. Inc, licence. LiveChat, Inc. reserves its right to temporarily or permanently revoke the right to use LiveChat. Inc, Product with or without notice to the Client.
  3. To access tools and the API necessary to develop Application, Developer must complete authorization and obtain Access Token. A Client should not share its Access Token with any third party and shall keep this Token and login credentials in a secure manner.
  4. Assessment of technical functionality of Application developed by a Developer remain within the discretionary power of LiveChat. Inc,.
  5. Applications shall not focus on any form of advertising within or connected to any Service Data received by any Subscriber, Agent or End-User.
  6. If Application requests access to data it is for LiveChat, Inc. to decide if such access may be granted or not. No extension of given data access may be possible without prior authorization.
  7. An Application may be published only after it is accepted by LiveChat, Inc. For the time of the investigation, Application shall be frozen and any changes or publishing procedure may start only after the decision of LiveChat, Inc. to either accept publishing procedure or to request adjustments from a Developer.
  8. A Developer is obliged to act in a good faith and in a manner which shall not hinder or disturb LiveChat, Inc.’s functionality and operational fluency.
  9. Developer shall be aware that it remains as his sole responsibility, and that LiveChat, Inc. has no responsibility or liability of any kind, for the content, development, operation, support or maintenance of Applications. Furthermore, Developer shall be responsible for

    • Take care of maintenance duties to ensure Application functionality;
    • Report to LiveChat, Inc. long-time errors, limited functionality or any other hinderance which affects the operational availability of an Application.
    • Ensure that its Applications do not contain or introduce malicious software into a Service, an API, any Service Data or other data stored or transmitted using the Service.
    • Ensure legality of the Application and that the Application does not contain any obscene, libellous or otherwise offensive contents.
    • Ensure that its Applications do not violate or infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.
  10. LiveChat. Inc, shall bear no responsibility to provide technical support for Applications developed during the Program.
  11. LiveChat. Inc, shall bear no responsibility for how changes implemented in the main product may affect Applications.
  12. LiveChat. Inc, reserves its right to modify the description of applications published via Apps Marketplace. Such modification or adjustment may be done with no prior notice to the Developer publishing the Application.
  13. Once Application becomes public, Developer is responsible for all further settlements between Developer and Subscriber of the Application. LiveChat. Inc, shall not intervene or bare any responsibility for this relation.
  14. To obtain publishing possibility and paid application, Developer shall follow procedure included below.

    • Submit such Application to LiveChat. Inc, for approval and listing as public and free of charge or public and paid, if applicable.
    • Review our Commission Fee section concerning payments and commission for LiveChat. Inc.
    • Prepare Terms of Service for the Public Application.
    • Provide necessary and reasonable support and maintenance procedures for Subscribers.
  15. Commission Fee details shall be available in Developers Program Commission Fee Section.
  16. LiveChat. Inc, reserves its right to request an adjustment, update or to remove any Application related to LiveChat, Inc.’s Product.
  17. Developer acknowledges and agrees that LiveChat. Inc, informs all its Clients using LiveChat, Inc.’s Services that by installing Application from the Marketplace, such Client agrees that data will be made accessible to the Developer and a Client participating in Developers Program. LiveChat. Inc, shall have no responsibility for their actions.

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