New Building Block: App Widgets in the Details

Maciej Serafinowicz in News, Product, on March 27, 2019, Comments

New Building Block: Chat Actions

Imagine that all you need during a chat is always at your arm’s length… Wouldn’t the chatting routine be more efficient and convenient? This is what we believe in - making the chatting experience as smooth as possible. Hence that, we created a new Building Block – App Widgets.

App widgets are small pieces of apps, packed with their most essential functionalities. They can be displayed in the Details column, on the right side of the LiveChat’s interface. Users don’t need to switch between tabs and loose context anymore.

Widgets can be used as data enrichment apps, show additional information from external services, match particular user with a data in a CRM, etc. Users can add a new contact to their CRM app, send a piece of text to the message box, open URL and launch full size parent-application.

What’s technically possible:

  • Put your information using ready-made components (we will take care of consistency);
  • Display only relevant information - you will get the full context of what an Agent is currently doing;
  • Update the sections in real time, let agents work precisely on the data they need the exact second;
  • Create interactive shortcuts to your main application. You can use buttons to drive the agents back to the app for more complicated use cases.

For technical details jump into widgets documentation.