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Gatsby Case Study: the LiveChat Marketplace

Jakub Sikora in Programming, on 28 April, 2020

The benefits of using Gatsby component shadowing in the migration and maintenance of the LiveChat Marketplace. Case study by Jakub Sikora, senior frontend developer at LiveChat, who also shared his experience at the JAMstack meetup.

What Is OAuth 2.0, And How To Use It With LiveChat's API

Jakub Arent in Programming, on 04 April, 2018

Learn how OAuth 2.0 works, and how to use it with your LiveChat app for smooth authentication and authorization process

How to Create JavaScript Libraries in 2018 (Part 2)

Mateusz Burzyński in Programming, Tutorials, on 07 March, 2018

Continuing with the topic of creating libraries, we will discuss more advanced use cases and functions: proxy directories, code splitting and more.

How to Create JavaScript Libraries in 2018 (Part 1 - Basic)

Mateusz Burzyński in Programming, Tutorials, on 20 February, 2018

Creating libraries properly is a vital topic, but the sources are scarce. This article will show how to squeeze the most out of the modern build toolchain: how to configure the tools, how to create an isomorphic library, and how to prevent the unused parts of the application from landing in clients’ applications.

LiveChat for React and React Native

Tomek Przybył in Product, Programming, on 04 January, 2018

React and React Native are growing in popularity and they probably will be the leading frameworks in 2018. According to StackOverflow’s 2017 Developer Survey, React is the most loved library and it also took the fourth place among the most popular frameworks. At LiveChat, we couldn't ignore that trend, so we decided to add React and React Native modules to our collection.